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Paneer and Vegetables Curry Dishes (250 g)

39 Paneer Butter Masala (7)149 Kč
Home made cottage cheese cooked with tomato onion and fresh cream
40 Shai Paneer (7)155 Kč
Home made cottage cheese cooked with fresh and mild Nepali spices
41 Kadai Paneer (7)139 Kč
Home made cottage cheese cooked with onion capsicum
42 Aloo Gobi (7)126 Kč
Potato and cauliflower cooked in Nepali spices
43 Aloo Saag (7)130 Kč
Potato and spinach cooked in Nepali spices
44 Dal Janeko105 Kč
Lentil cooked and fried with Nepali spices
45 Aloo Matter Paneer (7)149 Kč
Potato, home made cottage cheese and peas cooked with Nepali spices
46 Vegetables Jalfrezi (7)129 Kč
Vegetable mix cooked with Nepali spices
47 Vhindi Masala (7)125 Kč
Ladyfinger cooked with Nepali spices
48 Chana Masala (7)120 Kč
Grams cooked with Nepali spices
49 Aloo Chana135 Kč
Potatoes with chickpeas and and Nepali spices

Tropical Nepali Khaja

50 Chicken Roll (2,3,7,12)95 Kč
Chicken with vegetables curry wrapped in the naan bread
51 Chicken Tikka Roll (3,7,12)105 Kč
Fresh salad with slices of chicken tikka and mayonaise sauce, wrapped in the naan bread
52 Vegetables Roll (3,7,12)80 Kč
Vegetables curry wrapped in the naan bread

Nepali Special Dishes Dal Bhat

53 Dal Bhat Thali (2,3,7,12)325 Kč
Pieces of lamb, chicken and prawn meats with lentil, vegetable, spinach, yoghurt, desert,
pickle, salad, rice and naan



54 Plain Rice45 Kč
55 Saffron Rice49 Kč
56 Jeera Rice (with cumin)49 Kč
57 Mint Rice49 Kč
58 Kashmiri Rice (8) (with mix of dried fruit)59 Kč


59 Plain Naan (1,3,7)40 Kč
60 Garlic Naan (1,3,7)45 Kč
61 Cheese Naan (1,3,7)58 Kč
62 Mint Naan (1,3,7)45 Kč
63 Kashmiri Naan (1,3,7) (with mix of dried fruit)50 Kč
64 Onion Naan (1,3,7)40 Kč
65 Tandoori Aloo Parotha (1,3,7) (mashed potatoes with mild spices and coriander)50 Kč

Salad and Chutney

66 Vegetables Salad (7) (seasonal vegetables with cheese and dressing)65 Kč
67 Tomatoes Chutney35 Kč
68 Mango Chutney35 Kč
69 Mix Pickle (homemade chutney from Nepal)35 Kč
70 Mix Raita (7)35 Kč
71 Plain Raita (7)30 Kč


72 Rasgulla (7)55 Kč
73 Gulab Jamun (7)55 Kč